How did Rome prosper?

The first two centuries of the Roman Empire saw a period of unprecedented stability and prosperity known as the Pax Romana ( lit. 'Roman Peace'). Rome reached its greatest territorial expanse during the reign of Trajan (AD 98–117); a period of increasing trouble and decline began with the reign of Commodus (177–192). Click to see READ MORE

Who was a good Roman emperor?

Nero Died 9 June AD 68 (aged 30) Outside Rome, Italy Burial Mausoleum of the Domitii Ahenobarbi, Pincian Hill, Rome Spouse Claudia Octavia Poppaea Sabina Statilia Messalina Sporus Pythagoras (freedman) Issue Claudia Augusta Click to see full answer Who was the best Caesar?Why? This man forged an Empire. Despite springing from relatively modest origins, Augustus READ MORE

Who was Josephus and what did he do?

Flavius Josephus, original name Joseph Ben Matthias, (born ad 37/38, Jerusalem—died ad 100, Rome), Jewish priest, scholar, and historian who wrote valuable works on the Jewish revolt of 66–70 and on earlier Jewish history.Click to see full answer What did Josephus do in the Bible?Josephus is certainly among the most enigmatic personages in the history READ MORE

What was the economy like in ancient Rome?

The largest industry in ancient Rome was mining, which provided the stones for the enormous building projects and metals for tools and the weapons that conquered the western world.Click to see full answer How is the economy in Rome Italy?Rome is both the center of Italian political life and a powerful economic force in Italy. READ MORE

Is the Egyptian religion still practiced?

Islam is practiced by 90% of Egyptians. Most Egyptian Muslims are Sunni and follow the Maliki school of jurisprudence, though all legal schools are represented. Shi'a Muslims make up a small minority.Click to see full answer What is the Egyptian culture today?Egyptians have strong family values and are expected to be faithful to members of READ MORE

How has the federal government bureaucracy evolved?

The bureaucracy has shrunk recent years because of the increasing in the use of outside contractors (private business, being paid to perform specific jobs). Today, some states and local government employees have jobs that are paid for largely through federal funds.Click to see full answer Why has the federal bureaucracy grown?Why has the federal bureaucracy READ MORE

What was Roman religion called?

Prior to the arrival of Christianity, Romans practiced a polytheistic religion, meaning that they worshipped multiple gods. Unlike many contemporary religions like Islam, Judaism, or Hinduism, the Roman religion had no official name.Click to see full answer Who did the Romans worship?Christianity was eventually the most successful of these cults, and in 380 became the READ MORE

When did predestination come about?

Predestination has been especially associated with John Calvin and the Reformed tradition. There has been no argument in Reformed theology about the positive side of the doctrine of predestinationClick to see full answer Is Calvinism Biblical let the Scriptures decide?Calvinism simply doesn't hold up to biblical scrutiny unless you take scripture, rip it out of READ MORE

How did Rome expand its economy?

The Roman Empire had created an enormous more or less integrated market, connected by cheap water transport, and enjoying more or less uniform and effective institutions, ranging from military security to a stable monetary system, good laws and pretty good government.Click to see full answer How did Rome expand its economy?Economic development A standardized currency READ MORE