What happened Cere Junda?

She explains that she was captured by the Empire after Cere betrayed her hidden location under torture, and warns Cal that Cere will inevitably betray him once they find the Holocron.Click to see full answer Is Cere a GREY Jedi?Wookieepedia defines a Gray Jedi as a force-sensitive that walks the line between light and dark, READ MORE

Who are the good guys in Star Wars A New Hope?

The light sideThe light side was aligned with calmness, peace, and passiveness, and was used only for knowledge and defense. The Jedi were notable practitioners of the light, being selfless servants of the will of the Force, and their enemies, the Sith followed the dark side of the Force.Click to see full answer Who are READ MORE

Can you screen share Disney Plus on FaceTime?

Go to Settings > FaceTime > SharePlay and turn on the switch for SharePlay if it's not already on. Everyone you invite to the call must do the same. You can then launch FaceTime and place a video call to the individuals who want to join the shared activity.Click to see full answer How do READ MORE

What companies has Disney bought?

According to a report from The New York Times, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger tried to purchase Time Warner in 2016 and nearly succeeded.Click to see full answer What companies did Disney buy?Acquisitions Acquired company Date Parent/Merged With Maker Studios 2014 Disney Digital Network BAMTech 2016 Disney Streaming Services Euro Disney SCA 2017 Disney READ MORE

Did Disney buy Skywalker Ranch?

Overall, the costs of building the Skywalker ranch raked up to $100 million according to the reports by Wall Street Journal. In addition to the first parcel of land, Lucas added another 3,000 acres of adjoining land which total the entire ranch to 4,700 acres and only 15 acres of land have been developed so READ MORE

Does Lucas still live at Skywalker Ranch?

Skywalker Sound remains based at the Ranch, for which Lucasfilm pays a rental fee to George Lucas, who remains the property's owner. Although Lucas maintains his offices there, he does not reside at the Ranch. Lucasfilm Games was located at the ranch during the early company years.Click to see full answer Can I visit Skywalker READ MORE

Did the separatists know Palpatine?

It was highly unlikely that the average galactic citizen of the Clone Wars had likely even heard of the Sith Lords, and while the Separatist leadership, specifically the Separatist Council, probably did know that Count Dooku was a Sith Lord as well as what a Sith Lord was, they definitely didn't go around telling …Click READ MORE

Can we earn money from watching videos?

If you haven't already, signing up to Swagbucks is a great way to start making money from quick and easy tasks. You can earn rewards for watching videos, surfing the web and doing paid online surveys. The types of videos you'll watch on Swagbucks could include ads, news content and viral videos.Click to see full READ MORE